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"If the astronomical unit (the mean distance from the Sun to the Earth) is compared to an inch then a light year would be equal to one mile (99.9%).

The Sun's radius is 432,000 miles (99.8%). 432 x 432 is the speed of light in miles per second (99.8%)

The Earth’s polar diameter is 10,000 times the square root of the divine proportion (aka golden ratio, approximately 1.618033989) in kilometres. The combined polar diameters of Earth and Moon are 10,000 times the divine proportion (Ф) in kilometres."

The combined Moon & Earth radii measure 1x2x3x4x5x6x7 miles. The arc length around one-quarter of the circle circumscribing the Earth and Moon is 8x9x10x11 miles, which is also curiously equal to the Earth’s diameter.

The Earth's average orbital speed is 66,666 miles per hour (99.9%).

There are 6x6x600 nautical miles in the meridian circumference of the Earth.

The Tropic of Cancer is 66.6 degrees from the North pole (90 - 23.4 = 66.6) and the Tropic of Capricorn is similarly 66.6 degrees from the South Pole.

The Arctic and Antarctic circles are 66.6 degrees from the Equator.

The Great Pyramid’s latitude (29.979245.8°N) precisely encodes the speed of light (299792458 metres/meters per second)."

Is our existence here on Earth the result of a cosmic sneeze, an everything from nothing big bang or are we a part of a divine plan?

If everything we know of today originates from either a random celestial particle blast or a well calculated mystical creation, what with-in our measurable environment would show us signs as to one creation theory or the other?

Can mathematics and measurement give us a clue as to the ultimate truth to our universal existence?

One great thinker alive today investigating and documenting both Earthly and Heavenly clues to insight of our cosmogonic conception is author, film maker and artist Scott Onstott.

A description of Scott's Epic work does not do it justice, one must experience his mind blowing body of film, art and writings first hand.

The statements at the beginning of this article are only a small sampling of observations Scott points out in his book; Taking Measure: Explorations in Number, Architecture and Consciousness and at his website www.secretsinplainsight.com.

By using the universal non-subjective, non-biased language of math, Scott discovers and shares many clues which combined may help humans ponder their genesis.

Big Bang or Divinity? Epic question.



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